Munchies Snack Mix Cheese Fix 1.75 oz




Everyone deserves a break from the mundane and the mundane snacks, so why not treat yourself to something extraordinary with Munchies Snack Mix Cheese Fix 1.75 oz.**This perfectly portioned snack mix features an exciting blend of crunchy cheese curls and dairy-free cheese crackers, all lightly flavored with the classic flavor of real cheese. ✓FLAIR With every bite, you’ll get the ultimate cheese fix, as the crunchy corn curls and zesty cheese flavor will tantalize your taste buds. Plus, the low sodium content means this delicious snack won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards. 


Munchies Snack Mix Cheese Fix 1.75 oz is the perfect snack to grab and go, making it the ultimate convenient, cheesy mix.


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