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Gym and Dance Studio Vending Machines

For gyms and dance studios, equipment is very important. But not just the lifting fitness equipment itself or the glassless mirrors – another important piece of machinery you need is a vending machine. Improve the customer experience of your gym or dance studio. Whether you run a gym, swimming center or health club, a vending machine will also greatly increase productivity in your workplace. In an area that requires personal interaction, you can spare your staff the responsibility of selling things like drinks and snacks, making them always ready to take care of clients.


Gym and Dance Studio Vending Machines

All about Vending will work closely with you to create the perfect machine for your business, whether you want to sell sports drinks, water, protein milk or snacks. Customized healthy, tasty and customer tested Gym products.

Many Options for Gyms and Dance Studios

Florida’s leading healthy vending company continues to expand into dance and martial arts studios, providing staff and students with a selection of snacks and beverages.
Get a free vending machine, All about vending aims to improve access to food and drink options for dance and gym studios. Our vending machines are a great way to offer the community options tailored to their needs.


With the help of the vending professionals at All about vending, you can create the ideal vending solution for your office, whether you want to sell sweets, chips or drinks. Start designing the perfect vending machine for your office.