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School Vending Machines

With All about vending, you can create your own vending platform for any school and provide an unprecedented level of convenience to your students and staff.

Versatile sales services and we regularly replenish our vending machines with a wide range of fresh snacks and popular drinks. If for any reason you run out or run out of snacks or drinks due to unusually high consumption, we are just a quick phone call away to refill them. Our sales and coffee services understand the needs of customers in Citrus, Hernando, Pasco and Hillsboro counties and therefore provide sales opportunities to meet those needs.


Let Us Bring Healthy Vending Machines To Your School!

We will provide snacks and drinks for your school. School Shop proudly serves hundreds of schools and millions of children. Together we contribute to the health of our children.

With a strong understanding of state and federal nutrition requirements, we recognize that children’s health is an important issue in our homes, schools and our communities. We follow school nutrition standards when stocking your school vending machine, so you can be sure that the choices your students make are good for them. We offer only the best quality snacks, drinks and beverages.

Energy Star approved vending machines!

Our Energy Star certified vending machines use state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest level of service to your school. They are stocked with:

  • Healthy options like fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurts, string cheese and more
  • Packaging that ensures portion control and limited calories
  • Products that limit fat, sodium, caffeine and sugar

Contact us for a free estimate on putting our vending machines in your school.