Dr. Pepper 12oz




Introducing Dr Pepper in its classic 12 oz size – the perfect refreshing beverage for anytime you need a little pick-me-up. It’s not just another soda, it’s a drink bursting with bold and unique flavor!

~ For over a century, fans of all ages have enjoyed the delicious taste of Dr Pepper, a one-of-a-kind classic.


Dr Pepper stands out from the crowd with its invigorating blend of 23 flavors. The satisfyingly distinct taste is beloved by fans for its daring flavor, and the 12 oz can fits perfectly in the hand for the ultimate everyday refreshment.


Dr Pepper has quickly become the classic beverage choice for all occasions. Have it with dinner, at a party, or just for the fun of it. No matter the time or place, you deserve the delicious and distinct taste of Dr Pepper. For a classic treat, reach for a can of Dr Pepper and experience a flavor like no other.


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